Our law firm advises companies, board members and managing directors as well as executives on the entire spectrum of labor law and the related legal areas of corporate and social security law.

For companies

Ongoing employment law advice for companies of all sizes is a focus of our work. We support human resources and legal departments both with large individual projects such as restructuring and with “everyday” labor law issues such as transfers, warnings and terminations.

We accompany or conduct negotiations with works and staff councils and represent the company in arbitration proceedings. We ensure that your employment contracts always meet the latest legal requirements. We avoid unpleasant surprises in sensitive matters of anti-discrimination law or employee data protection.

We build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients, which are characterized by personal advice and consideration of individual characteristics.

For board members/managing directors

Advising board members/managing directors not only requires excellent legal knowledge of service contracts and corporate law, but also a feel for the optimal strategy in different situations. It is often important to balance financial interests and your future professional career as core goals as best as possible. This requires extensive experience in the interaction between management and supervisory bodies as well as company shareholders. Service contracts for board members and managing directors have a variety of special features that often only experienced specialists can recognize.

As a board member or managing director, you will find experienced lawyers in us who, depending on the mandate, will make your position as advantageous as possible in advance through clever contract drafting or, in the event of a conflict, achieve the best possible results for you through consistent and well-thought-out representation of your interests.

For Managers

Managers find themselves in exposed positions in companies. This entails the risk of unexpectedly getting into conflict situations. Then a manager needs a legal advisor who has experience and tact in asserting the manager's employment law claims and who is familiar with the specifics of disputes at higher management levels.

Our lawyers represent you consistently and competently towards your company and ensure that your interests are realized in the best possible way, both financially and with regard to your future career.