Rechtsanwaltskanzlei für Arbeitsrecht München

Personally. Strategically. Assertive.

We are a highly specialized labour and the law firm with headquarters in Munich, Germany. Our work focuses on advising and representing public and private companies, boards of Directors, business leaders and managers.

As for many years in the field of labour law, employment lawyers, we have a wide range of experience and an excellent legal Expertise. In specialist publications such as “the JUVE Handbook,” and “law firms in Germany” we will be guided for years, as a prestigious law firm for employment law. Also in the relevant lawyer Rankings of FOCUS Spezial, Economy week, STARbrand eins, Handelsblatt and Best lawyers we are awarded in the year 2023 as a nationwide leading firm for employment law.

How we work

Good work legal advice must always take into account the business environment and the Situation of the people affected. We will consider your concerns, therefore, from the point of view of the HR managers and business decision support and advise you accordingly. Of our lawyers, you will receive clear and practical recommendations that are tailored to your individual Situation.

An amicable solution to the conflict is often the better Alternative for both sides. To achieve these reasonable conditions, we have extensive experience in employment litigation. If necessary, your lawyer is competent and assertive highly complex legal disputes in several instances, to the Federal labour court.

In the case of cross-disciplinary projects, we can rely on a reliable network of renowned specialist firms other areas of law in Munich.

Who are we to advise

Our lawyers are nationally and in the most varied sectors. Our clients include, among others, corporations and companies in the pharmaceutical and in the metal industry, information technology, banking, insurance and Fintech industry, the consumer goods industry, textile and food industry, the Wholesale and foreign trade, as well as the retail and out of the media area. We also represent a variety of public or charitable institutions, such as broadcasters, cities and municipalities, foundations, social insurance institutions, hospitals and health-care companies, as well as religious institutions.

In addition, Board members, managing Directors, and managers to our clients, we advise on all areas of the service contract, law, as well as in the interfaces to the company law and to your company represented count.

All the partners of the law firm of specialist lawyers for employment law and have years of experiences as a lecturer in labour law at the Fresenius University of applied Sciences, Munich, Germany.