Our law firm advises companies, board members, and executives as well as managers in the entire range of employment law comprising the herewith related fields of corporate and social security law.

For Companies

A core aspect of our legal practice is the ongoing advice in the field of employment law for companies of all sizes. We support HR and legal departments in major projects like restructurings as well as in „day-to-day“ employment law related questions such as relocation, written warning, and termination.

We attend or guide the negotiations with the works or employees council and we represent the company in conciliation proceedings. We ensure that your employment contracts meet the most recent court decision requirements. We help to avoid unpleasant surprises regarding delicate issues, e.g. the anti-discrimination law or the data protection law for employees.

We keep long-term and trustful relationships with our clients, characterized by a personal advice that is custom-made to the individual particularities of each case.

In short: We are your competent contact for all employment law related questions.

For Board members and executives

A legal advice of board members/executives does not only require an excellent knowledge of employment contract law and corporate law but also a keen sense of the optimum strategy for different kinds of situations. Often, the point is to bring in line the financial interests and the future professional career. This requires a broad experience of the interaction between the company’s management body, the supervisory body and the shareholders. Management contracts show versatile particularities which often may only be identified by experienced specialists.

In us you, as board member or executive, will find well experienced lawyers who will achieve for you the best possible results by consequent and elaborated representation of your interests either with regards to contract drafting or in conflict situations.

For Executives

Since managers have an exposed position in companies, they increasingly undergo the risk of getting unexpectedly into conflict situations. For such moments exactly, managers need a legal adviser who enforces the manager‘s employment law related claims with know-how and intuition and who is well experienced in disputes of upper management level.

Our lawyers represent your interests consequently and proficiently towards your company with regards to financial aspects as well as regarding your best possible professional career options.