References in the JUVE handbook 2015/2016

In the current edition of the handbook “German Commercial Law Firms 2015/2016” of the legal editor JUVE, WOLFF SCHULTZE KIEFERLE is again listed as one of the most renowned and leading employment law firms for Southern Germany.

In the current handbook’s edition, the JUVE editing department emphasizes that also in its third year on the legal market, the Munich employment law boutique WSK keeps on moving upwards steadily. The three founding partners, Dr. Andreas Wolff, Henning Schultze and Oliver Kieferle are each equally recommended by clients as well as by colleagues, states the JUVE editing department.
The JUVE handbook of German Commercial Law Firms is the independent reference book for and about the German legal market listing annually, amongst others, the best and most successful employment law firms. The handbook’s rankings are based on comprehensive researches in law firms, with company managers, representatives of authorities and employees of justice and science.