References in the handbook “Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014”

The employment law boutique WSK is listed as one of the 400 leading commercial law firms in the current edition of the handbook “Law Firms in Germany 2014”
(“Kanzleien in Deutschland 2014″ ).

As conclusion the handbook quotes:
Wolff Schultze Kieferle has, in a very short space of time, sustained its position in the market. The employment law boutique located in Munich has shaped up even better than anticipated. They were able to win notable corporate transactions and to expand their focus on management advice clearly.

The handbook Kanzleien in Deutschland by the publishing company Nomos is a compilation of Germany’s most important commercial law firms and their legal profiles. Founded in 1997, the handbook Kanzleien in Deutschland and its meanwhile 15th edition belongs today to one of Germany’s definitive legal handbooks.

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