References in the JUVE handbook 2014/15

WOLFF SCHULTZE KIEFERLE employment law experts is again classified as one of the “well-respected law firms in the field of employment law“.

In the newly published handbook “German Commercial Law Firms 2014/2015“ of the legal  editor JUVE the law firm WOLFF SCHULTZE KIEFERLE is listed, as in the previous year, as  “renowned law firm for employment law“.

The JUVE editorial department stresses in the current handbook, in particular, that the Munich located employment law boutique has, also during their second year on the market, been “very present” and has “established itself impressively fast as legal adviser, especially for medium-sized companies“. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the WSK lawyers are, “in addition to the ongoing legal advice for companies, very often seen advising alongside managers and executives“.

The annual published JUVE manual contains a rating of commercial law firms. The JUVE editorial department  interviews several hundreds of clients and lawyers and analyzes the market situation and the legal performance.